Monday, August 21, 2017

New Work

"Topiary" 30x24 oil

"Picnic" 24x18 oil

"Jara's Tulips" 24x24 oil

"Plateful of Peaches" oil 10x8
"The Barn"  oil
"Barrels and Blooms" 24x30 oil
"Sunflowers in Black and White" 12x9 oil
"Apples and Lemons"  16x20 oil
"The Red Chair" 16x12 oil
"Glazed Black-eyed Susan's"  10x8  oil

"Sunflowers in Jar" 10x8 oil

"Roses in Black in White" oil
"Daisies in Blue" 12x9 oil

"A Walk To Remember" 16x12 oil

"All By Myself" 30x24 oil

"Bones and Blooms" 18x24 oil

"Clancy's Window" oil

"Colored Bottles" 16x20 oil

"Sweet Peas and Daffodils" oil

"Elaina"  14x11 oil

"Just Call Me Water Lily" 12x9 oil

"Panama Cow" oil

"Roses Are Red" oil

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It's A Black & White World

Lately I've been living in a black and white world.  I'm taking a class and one of the lessons was to take a reference photo and do it in B&W to see the value of shadow and light.  What fun, what fun and I couldn't seem to get enough of the practice.
"Sunflowers in Black and White" 9x12 oil

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

New Stuff, New Learning

Snicklefritz spent the night with me last week because I was supposed to have my interview with the film class and they asked that she be there because we paint together.  Sadly the wires were crossed and it's THIS WEEK.  But, we had a fantastic time and did paint together.
I started a new painting and was sketching it first with charcoal and she was so curious about the process.  I told her she could use it if she wanted when she started to paint.  It was really interesting watching her sketch and then paint.  It is amazing what she does on the canvas with her watercolors. 
She's left handing that paintbrush yet yesterday she flat out colored with her right hand.  

On the art front, well, lots of shows coming up but starting this week is one at the Broken Arrow Museum with a reception in a couple of weeks.  Come see me at the reception.  I'm very proud of my paintings in the show.  Next month a couple of paintings will be at Wild Fork.

I've also been taking another workshop for new perspective with a guy named Gil Adams.  The nicest guy on the planet and I'm really learning stuff.  It seems that this art process is coming to me so easily, with success.

(this one sold really quick)

While Snicklefritz was with me I started this little jewel and I think it is going to be a good one.  Lots and lots of glass, but I like the challenge.  Last summer The Hubby and I were driving around on our golf cart at the lake place and happened on this all set up by the creek.  I quickly snapped some fantastic photos and it's been hiding in my files.

It's a good start I think.

Yesterday in the new Monday afternoon class with Mr. Adams we did a black and white exercise.  I LOVED it and hopefully this will not be in my possession for long.  Its very popular on my social media.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Easel This and That

I realized this early morning that I had not posted since Christmas and surely my easel has not been empty.  I'm trying to stay away from negative "THOUGHTS" with all that is going on so I will bury myself here...

An upcoming show at the Broken Arrow Museum had me putting my thinking cap on.  The theme was "What about Broken Arrow" and since that is my home town I had lots of info in my brain and on my bookshelf.  I knew that last year the high school and football field were demolished but not my memories or my father's, who played many a football game on that field.  A fellow school mate had been instrumental in trying to save an iconic tree that lived in the end zone for many, many years, planted by his father but it's days were numbered.  He was able to save the trunk of the ash tree with lots of contributions and had a tiger statue carved.  Well, my thought was to paint the tree with a ghost figure of a tiger appearing and this is what I came up with for the BA Museum show in February.  This one was painted with so much love and memory.
End Zone Tree

Thoughts are definitely streaming to spring and summer with the thoughts of fresh produce so tomatoes found their way to a canvas.
A Colander of Tomatoes

Then there was the Christopher Westfall workshop and my foray into acrylics and abstract.  Fun stuff but doesn't drive me as much. 
Bird of Paridise
Memories of Italy and the desire to produce at least one painting from our epic 14 day trip to Rome and then cruise brought about this little gem.
Boats in Cassis

The love of family led to a some Christmas presents to appear on my easel in December.

Gloria's Flowers

Pasture of Horses

Julia's Roses

Persimmons, Garlic and Onions


I've also been busy with yet another workshop with the most talented Mr. Gil Adams.  What a nice guy and excellent teacher and we, my art buddies,  plan on continuing taking classes from him for a bit.  Ever expanding my knowledge in front of the easel.