Thursday, June 9, 2016

Daniel Keys Workshop 2016 Edition

Yes I have been "workshopping" again and yes it was just last fall that we learned under the tutlage of Daniel Keys.  This kid, and I say kid, because he is the same age as my youngest, is amazing and kind.  We CAN learn from the youngen's!
My art buddies and I had such a fantastic time painting this time and one reason is he came to us, to Tulsa, and may come again.  All kinds of light bulbs go off in my head watching and listening to him instruct us.  I love these fine ladies and we travel well together!

It was a 3-day workshop and Daniel began by painting roses, something he loves to paint, me not so much.  They are quite difficult but very rewarding if you finally get it.  

Such an informative guy on how to make it happen. 

Then it was our turn for the afternoon!

Not sure I like it or can say it's finished but, hey, they're roses and you can tell they're roses!
He said we came to the workshop not to get a pretty painting but learn to paint so we can paint a pretty painting!

Day 2 and 3 were to set up our own still life and paint it.  This one he set up and that pitcher my fine friends is MY pitcher.  I brought some of my set up stuff from the house and it was my great-grandmother's.  I was thrilled he used it in his set up to demo and was quite happy it will live at my house so I can try to paint it.
Day 2
Day 2 he started his demo leaving the bottom part and pitcher to paint on Wednesday.  Amazing to watch his thought process and hear his painting wisdom as he creates his magic.  Truly he is an amazing artist.   (Think I use amazing too often but it IS!)
Day 3
The rug in the background belongs to his Godmother so it is special to him. 

OH MY GOSH...such a beautiful painting.

Day 3 afternoon some wanted to see copper painted so he obliged.  

Our set up for day 2 and 3 I set up and it looked fantastic till we started to paint it and realized the background was too close in color to the teapot.  RATS!  But, we proceeded on and I kind of like what I got out of it.

All in all I'm absolutely exhausted from parties and painting.  I partied (a glass of wine for me is a party lately) last Friday night at an engagement party for a friend and then Saturday night my HUGE 60th Surprise Birthday Party.  Then a painting workshop for three days with a wonderful dinner reception at MY house on Tuesday night.  Now on to regular life and then a Saturday Birthday Reunion Picnic for my high school class.  I am going to need next week to catch up.  

Learning to paint is mentally exhausting and isn't that a good thing for an aging brain!  I certainly hope so.  Onward to the next workshop!