Monday, April 25, 2016

The Road to Nowhere

 I'm kind of drawn to these kinds of photos, the road to nowhere.  I take pictures often of these kinds of scenes and now I think it is time to paint some.  I like the perspective and for some reason takes me back to art class in 9th grade with Mrs. Sue Henson when she taught perspective. 
  What's down futures, the unknown...
I love, LOVE the blue skies and white clouds... 

I snapped this photo with the specific thought to paint it...I love the shadows and the way the road just disappears. 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Process

Good morning to everyone.  I thought I would update (if you haven't been inundated enough on Facebook) with my most recent painting.  HAHAHA.  Sometimes I think I do overload but you have to do that to get yourself out there, especially when you aren't in a gallery.  So folks, I'm bringing my gallery to YOU!  

A month or so ago heading to a neighbors cabin I grabbed my camera, always on the ready to find that perfect picture to paint.  I like to paint what I snap photos of, that way the end result makes it truly mine.  Her cabin has some fantabulous settings around it that I would love to paint and I was not let down when I walked in.  So I took this photo.  I loved the shadows that played on the window side and the bowl was beautiful.  I'm also a sucker for these colors and seem to use them a lot in my work, burnt sienna, yellow ochre and burnt umber.
So, in my art class before Ross showed up (I get there a couple hours early to work on my own) I started sketching in with burnt umber, the basics. 

Before you know it a painting is born. 

The bowl was pretty much finished with a few touches later but a couple of sessions still needed to done on it. 

Finally, on Tuesday of this week I felt that it was done and ready to be signed.  The comments on Facebook and people from different classes who saw it have given me some extra confidence.  Several have said it is their favorite of what I have done and probably my best.  That makes me feel fantastic and I so appreciate the kudos from everyone.  It gives me such encouragement on this art journey I have found myself on.  I have not really sold this piece but am giving it to my friend CS, whose window this came from.  She is a dear friend and I am glad to gift it to her, but there were some stipulations.  I have been encouraged by many that I have got to enter it into some art shows, which I will, but it will ultimately live at her house when I am done.  I imagine I could have sold it but it's a good feeling to give it to her and know it will be loved. 

You know selling is awesome but giving is even better!

This little girl is Queen B.  I saw this on Facebook of a friends dog and HAD to paint it.  Since her mommy just got married and I didn't get them anything yet, well Queen B appeared on canvas.  As I write this the painting is in the air traveling to her new home.  Enjoy Margaret.
"Queen B"

Since that big one was finished I had to paint something else.  I really have tons of things to paint lately, like a rooster in a bit but I found the need to paint my favorite muse, our granddaughter.  This pic was taken by her father (funny I've painted several of his photos!) when they went to visit his father and family.  The horse is Cowboy and granddaughters favorite horse.  I loved this picture so of course, grab a paintbrush. 
IArt on Thursday I started in sketching with the burnt umber... 
sketch, wipe, sketch, wipe, sketch...WIPE...sketch...that back end was making me CRAZY...
by the end of the four hours I have a good start on this painting I think.  I love it when I start in and get lost in the process.  I tell you my blood pressure goes down and I am HAPPY.  I often tell people that I found my happy when I began to paint in 2009.