Saturday, December 12, 2015

Evolution of a Painting(s)

 I was going through my treasure trove of thousands of pictures and saw this of Momma.  It's funny that I do have those thousands of photos and I look at them often then one day, BAM, I have this urge that I have to paint it.  This photo and painting has touched many people and that is what, as an artist, you want to do.  Everyone has a memory of mother, sister, or wife that looked like this photo.  

I started with a sketch, then added some umber and sepia tones, darker and lighter before color was added. 
You have to get the shading just right, the darks and lights.   
Thanks to my instructor, Ross Myers for directing the path this painting took.

This one is like before, the photo languished in my photo file until that "PAINT ME" urge happened.
It became definitely more impressionistic and abstracty and I just loved it.  It felt right.

Now this one was from my 17 year old nephew, Hunter.  He took the photo with his phone and was quite proud of it.  I thought it had possibilities.  Ross agreed and so we took another journey with some new kinds of techniques.

He had me apply the darks first in a quite haphazard way then let it dry and apply the smokey blues and greys on top.  Then a few additional grasses and trees and a painting was born.  I love it right now.

Lastly, I was in the Alpha Rho Tau show at the Promenade in November and out of 55 paintings in my category I took 2nd!  I was over the moon with happiness.