Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sunrise, Sunset

A couple of years ago I painted a Sunset on Grand River painting and posted it on my art blog along with a lot of my finished paintings.  Out of the blue over a year ago a framing/art something company found my Sunset and contacted me to paint a 4'x 6' painting much like the sunset for a "project" here in Tulsa.  I was THRILLED and scrambled to figure out a price for a huge painting.  I have never painting anything as large as this and was definitely scared to take it on but pushed on.  It wasn't a lot of money but it was the most I've ever received for one of my paintings.  I got a first payment which was so exciting and purchased the 4'x 6' canvas and sat it up at my art class so I could have my artist peers and art instructor there for support.  Paint I did.  

Yesterday, they came and picked up the painting to be installed at the new St. Francis Hospital Trama Care Waiting Room!  Gosh I am so proud you can not imagine.  Because this thing was so large I was not able to have it scanned to make giclee prints and just never got around to trying to snap a better picture...

"Sunrise on Grand River"

but, I have giclee prints of this one.

"Sunset on Grand River"