Saturday, May 24, 2014

En Plein Air Painting

Since we were going to be at the cabin this Memorial Day weekend I just knew I had to try my hand at 

Day 1 - I got up about 5:30 and had my car loaded and ready to head to the creek by about 6:15, ready to watch the sunrise and paint.  I'm also trying to be more impressionistic in my style and it is quite freeing.

Day 2 (today) - I didn't up as early as Day 1 mainly because I knew there would not be a real sunrise.  I toyed with the thought of not even trying it again but I had The Hubby bring up my regular French easel and more brushes and paints so I had to.  I'm kind of happy with what happened here although I ended up wearing more of the green paint than went on the canvas.  I flipped a fully loaded brush on my clean shirt.  NOTE:  wear painting shirt when painting, not good clothes!

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