Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Going, Going, Gone....SOLD!

I'm pretty excited after the awesome show this weekend, The Alliday Show at the Ford Exhibit Hall at the Expo Square.  Our daughter was the producer of the show and it was a rousing success!  There were tons of people and vendors selling stuff left and right, including me!  I sold prints, note cards and yes I sold a painting.  This one to be exact!  I would have liked to sell more as anyone would, but that is fine and I look forward to next year and more selling!  So many friends and family came to support our girl and it made my heart sing to watch her come into her own.  She was a pro at planning this thing and the response was overwhelming for everyone! 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Pot Holders

Pot Holders...this past weekend I decided that I wanted to make pot holders.  My Great Aunt Ree was the master at making these fine kitchen aids and she sat me down many, many, MANY years ago to show me how to make them.  I am not good at it but they work.  She used a treadle sewing machine, much like this one to whip out tons of these jewels.  Everyone who visited their house in Jay, Oklahoma never walked away without at least two in their mitts. 
I made 9 this weekend after battling my more modern sewing machine and hope that by the end of the week, my very busy week to have at least 30!  
You first start out with fabric, lots of cotton fabric.  I wouldn't want to grab a polyester pot holder to take a hot pan out of the oven!  I have stores of fabric, cotton fabric and need to use it up.  Fortunately, I had begun the process of making these fine masterpieces over a year ago so many were already cut out and ready.  The insides are just more fabric, layered to make them basically quilted.

Now, after seeing how they are made come Saturday to The Alliday show to see them up close and personal.  My art will be there too:  note cards, prints and oh yes, originals all ready to PURCHASE!