Monday, September 26, 2011

Stars and Flowers

Finally got some paintings finished and ready to post.   I took the pictures at the cabin. 

This one was finished awhile back too but am just getting around to posting.

Star Light, Star Bright

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Facebook Page

I received my newsletter/magazine from Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition or OVAC, called Art Focus Oklahoma last week and one of the pages was about promoting your art with a Facebook page.  I was excited about it that I got it up and going right after I read it.  I was at the cabin sitting on a neighbors deck and went right to work.  I've struggled a bit trying to send out the invites to friends to like the page, Facebook not cooperating with my attempts, but figured out to just post an invite on my regular page.  It is working a bit but some only like the post, not going to the new page and "LIKE"ing it.  Oh it's all work and I'm not afraid of a bit of work.  I decided to add some of my sketches and photography too as occasionally I can take a decent picture, worthy of framing.  So remember to go to my Facebook ART PAGE and Like it.