Sunday, February 20, 2011


I was approached last fall to do my first commission work.  I was over the moon with excitment and scared beyond belief that I would not be able to accomplish the task.  I had to try though and thought it could be an easy one.  So onward I went.  I only sketched the canoe and people and filled in the background.  The canoe had to be changed in color as green, green, green was not going to be pretty.  They were sisters that don't get to see each other often and the husband wanted to remember that day they had so much fun.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Being Creative

I finished the Larry painting while stuck inside but then a head cold stopped me from being creative. Could not get my head to want to touch a paintbrush until today.

So, I've blocked in a few more. I'm on a roll...
This is not the actual picture but a copy because I have misplaced the original.  I'm sick about it but luckily I had it drawn and ready to paint.  I'm glad took a picture of the sketch, with the photo attached, or I would have to paint it by memory.  It is just blocked in for now and I will need to work on the background, in class, I need help.   

I've had this one drawn for over a year but was afraid to start it.  I decided I'd jump off and attempt.  It is just in it's infancy so is a bit uneven, a work in progress. 

NOW...this is a departure for me.  I tried to block it in with a palete knife...

It's only just, barely started and I hope it gets better.  I kind of like it, yet not.  We'll see.  It still needs some layers of paint. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowed In Can Make A Person Productive

Being stuck inside from the snow I have been productive.  I finished and signed the latest: