Thursday, August 26, 2010

Horses and Fishing

Finally I got an hour to do a little painting. I've started a horse picture that my cousin Vicki took. So far I've blocked in the horses in white to get them anchored in place while I work on the background.

The next one is a fishing creel.  I took the snapshot last winter at a friends cabin.  I didn't draw this one first but just quickly used charcoal to roughly sketch it in then pub a thin layer of paint to block in too.  I'll layer more paint and get more detail later.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Finished and Not Finished

this one is finished and I did it out of class, on my own!!!  It is signed but I still need to get it scanned.

Not finished yet but very close.  I had to bring it home from class while we are on a break for a month.  Not much left to do.
This one is too not finished and I'm not sure I like what I've done.  The window in the back I think I will redo, just not what I like at all. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Still Painting

Don't worry, I have been painting but just not finishing anything right now.  I've got these three started at home and hopefully will have them finished for a show at Ziegler's in October called Fresh Paint.  Hopefully I will have some ready for Art on the Square at Utica Square in October too.  Think I need to get busy and finish these don't you think.  The first one is just veggies.  I took the picture and loved the darkness of it so am trying to paint it here.   The second one is just a room, or corner of a room at a friends cabin.  I'm changing it up a bit with some color but I like it.  The last one is well, me at 18.  I was just playing around one Saturday night late while sipping a bit of wine but I think it can be good if I just pick it up again. 

Monday, August 2, 2010

No Sale

The ART show is over and done.  Unfortunately I did not get a ribbon, or even an honorable mention but that is just fine.  It was a good experience.  Also, it was a No Sale for me too.  Gotta get some of this stuff sold as it is going to start piling up if I don't.  I know I'm learning still but my goal is to sell my art.  I don't want to get into the print selling part of it, I want to sell originals.  I kind of think it cheapens your art to sell prints, for me.  This is just a short note because I felt it was too long since I posted.  I'm still painting in class and at home and hope to have some more stuff posted here soon.  The class will be on a break in a couple of weeks and sometimes I get a lot done on my own at home when it does, at least I hope that happens again like the Christmas break.  Till we meet again.