Friday, May 14, 2010

Idle Time

While the art class is on break I've been spending the idle time drawing some the next paintings I hope to do.  I seem to be doing a series and I've really had a desire to do people now.  The picture of Danny Boy is the first time I've ever done a person successfully and I have an intense need to get better.  I may need to take some more people drawing pictures.  Now they are works in progress and really sketches so don't be too harsh.  I like them...most of them...

This one I think I need some more work on the face.

LOVE this one...Big Dan and The Kid

This one I need to work on because the picture I was drawing from is a 6 year and obviously it turned out to be a teenager with a slump...Have to redo this one or fix and then attempt again, younger.

Big Dan...I think his head is too small or the body is too big...more work but I like it.

Granny & The Kid

Danny the Thinker

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Kathryn Magendie said...

Wow -- I have absolutely NO talent in this area so I am always awed by people who do! lovely! Intriguing! glad I came by :)