Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gallery Show

I'm so very excited because the art group I belong to Alpha Rho Tau is going to have an exhibit at the Savage Gallery Premier Show July 12 - July 29.  I will have 4 paintings in the show.  I was confused at first about gallery wrapped paintings and if I had read the email more carefully I would understand that they should be gallery ready or gallery wrapped.  I thought they had to be gallery wrapped only but now I find out that the framed ones I have are good.  YIPPEE!  I'm pretty happy.  So my choices will be the Sunflower, possibly the Cigar and Flower, the Cross and either the Hats or the Autumn Leaves, or the Sheep or I DON'T KNOW.  Wish I could have more but 4 will have to be. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Idle Time

While the art class is on break I've been spending the idle time drawing some the next paintings I hope to do.  I seem to be doing a series and I've really had a desire to do people now.  The picture of Danny Boy is the first time I've ever done a person successfully and I have an intense need to get better.  I may need to take some more people drawing pictures.  Now they are works in progress and really sketches so don't be too harsh.  I like them...most of them...

This one I think I need some more work on the face.

LOVE this one...Big Dan and The Kid

This one I need to work on because the picture I was drawing from is a 6 year and obviously it turned out to be a teenager with a slump...Have to redo this one or fix and then attempt again, younger.

Big Dan...I think his head is too small or the body is too big...more work but I like it.

Granny & The Kid

Danny the Thinker

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cross update-but not finished

 This is the original... and the first of the layering...

Next layer...  More...

and to date from class yesterday...
This will be the last view, at least for a month as class is on break till June it waits. (18x24)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New drawing

I spent the weekend working on some sketches and this one is to a point that I like. Going to attempt to paint while the class is on a break for a month...wish me luck!  It is a picture of my great uncle, Big Dan and our oldest some years ago.  I think it is really sweet.