Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This is a very old picture of my 2nd cousin, Danny.  He was my mother's age and passed away a few years ago.  I have always loved this snapshot of him sitting on the Model A (or T not sure) that he had towed back from Washington or someplace like that.  He tinkered around with it which explains the grease.  I did a sketch one evening sittting and watching TV and when I showed it to my instructor he suggested I do it again on some illustration board.  Today I finished it and plan on framing.  It was a different medium for me but I liked it. 


Now this is not my best by a long shot but I did it for my Daddy.  Peaches was orginally my Momma's cat but soon became more Daddy's.  When Momma passed Peaches was something to give Daddy comfort and companionship.  Peaches had to be put down Christmas last year and it just killed my Daddy to do it.  It was the first time HE made the decision to do that as it was always Mother or myself.  Peaches was also a link to Mother for him.  So I give you Peaches, the evil cat.  She was a little tetched in the head but loved Daddy.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sunflower final

It's a bit blurry but it is DONE!  It was on my own too.  The instructor told me that he loved my petals and I that I only had to touch up the background and leaf/stem.  It is now signed. 

Sunday, September 6, 2009